Countertop Supports – Hidden Granite Countertop Support Brackets for granite, quartz and marble.

High-quality Countertop Supports often serve as the backbone for a smooth and effortless kitchen design. In-Wall Brackets Countertop Supports are manufactured from the best solid steel sourced locally. Every steel bracket is professionally-milled. You can order custom-made Countertop Supports with a powder coat of your preference. Our Countertop Supports are thoughtfully-designed so that it provides a sturdy base for your countertops, shelves, islands and bars without sacrificing the design aesthetic.

Easily hide the brackets underneath the countertops so it remains unobtrusive. It’s thick enough to provide a strong base for stone or granite countertops. Each steel support measures at least a half inch.

In-Wall Brackets countertop supports are multi-functional. Use it to support your kitchen countertops and bathroom vanities. Make your breakfast nooks more interesting by floating the breakfast bars on hidden supports. Keep cracks away from granite countertops by securing it to the knee wall with several hidden supports.

Our Countertop support brackets for granite are designed to be hidden from view and provide a perfect “floating countertop” effect. At the same time our half inch thick steel countertop support brackets are a rock solid surface to rest heavy granite or stone countertops on.

Countertop supports are also used to float shelves, support bar tops, vanites, breakfast bars and more.

countertop-support neewall overhang hidden granite

Installation Guide | Standard

Every good designer knows that proper installation is the best way to maximize a design’s functionality. Install the our countertop support brackets properly with this handy guide.