Best In-wall Brackets in Oregon City
In-Wall Brackets is a highly-respected name in the construction industry. Its high-quality, resilient, and affordable steel countertop supports are the go-to products for builders and interior designers, and homeowners alike.

Proudly US-Made

In-Wall Brackets countertop supports are made from US-manufactured high-grade steel. This focus on using 100% American-made products extends to the tools and machinery used at the depot.


In-Wall Brackets believes in giving its customers the kind of service that the company wants to receive in return. Customer satisfaction is always at the top of the priority list. This is achieved through responsiveness and providing the best customer service.

Customize Your Orders

In-Wall Brackets is fully aware that every home design is unique. Customize your orders by sending us your design specifications. Our full-service manufacturing system ensures that customers needs are met at all times.