How to Support Granite Countertops
Your countertop support will depend on the design of your countertop. For designs wherein your countertop traverses, you need to install support on two sides. Ideally, you must use supports that have the proper length and can provide sufficient support to your countertop. On the contrary, for countertops with overhang designs, there are various supports that you can choose from. Knee Wall or Pony Wall supports are a great option.

Keep in mind that if your countertop is made of delicate stones, then you might need to use corbels. Also, make sure that the supports are placed in such a way that they are not too close to each other. You should not permit extreme overhang.

How to Choose the Best Granite Countertop Supports?

Granite countertop supports are designed to provide support to countertops which include an overhanging stone. Granite countertop supports are essential most especially if your overhangs are quite heavy. Whether your countertops are made of granite, limestone, or marble, keep in mind that they are fragile. Some countertops include overhangs. Most often, quartz countertops may not require any support brackets.

Granite countertop supports can be very functional. But they can also be used for aesthetic purposes. Most often it will depend on how you install your granite countertop support. Keeping your granite supports hidden is very convenient and practical too. If you are using laminate countertops, then you do not need any support.

However, for countertops made of natural stones, you need to understand why you need countertop support and how are you going to use them. At In-Wall Brackets, we can help you decide which countertop support is best for you. We can help you determine if there is a need for installing supports for your countertops.

Different Types of Countertop Supports

To create a floating countertop effect, you may install hidden countertop support brackets to provide additional support to your countertops. Aside from hidden countertop support brackets, we also offer other kinds of countertop supports.
Different Types of Countertop Supports

Standard Granite Countertop Support

This bracket can create a modern and luxurious look to your home. Nowadays, you don’t have to use huge brackets in securing your countertops. They look unattractive and out of place in contemporary homes. With floating countertops, you will have enough space for all your guests. You can avoid bumping your knees on those huge countertop supports.

Countertop Island Support Bracket

The island support bracket is perfect for heavy countertops. These brackets can be easily installed since it does not require knee walls. By using this bracket, your countertop can expand without affecting your cabinets. The island support brackets will not go beyond the length of your overhang so it can be hidden.

Forward L Bracket

The Forward L Countertop Support is designed for areas that require extreme support such as commercial establishments. This product is also ideal if you have small kids in your home. Oftentimes, the kitchen is the place where the entire family will gather. This bracket can also offer great support for your bathroom vanities.

Countertop Island Support System

If your countertop has an overhang on more than one side, then the perfect solution is the Countertop Island Support System. When installed, you can have a custom bracket specifically designed for your kitchen. This is an excellent bracket specially created for multiple overhangs.

How to Care for Your Granite Countertop?

After installing your countertop support, it is greatly recommended that you should take good care of your granite countertops. You can use a granite sealer and stone cleaner. This can help you protect your granite countertops so they can last for more years. There are also granite care kits that you can purchase from your local retailers.

In-Wall Brackets can provide you with more details on mounting. Just inform us about your project, and we can provide you the brackets that you need. Our staff is experienced in countertop designs and granite support installation. They have a great experience with hidden countertop support brackets. We have high-quality, countertop supports that can last for years.

Our hidden countertop supports are the strongest. In-Wall Brackets also sells unique brackets for special purposes. For assistance in choosing your appropriate countertop support, you can contact us at 503-386-7047 or send us an email at To view our products, you can visit our website.