Kitchen renovations are very popular nowadays, and a lot of homeowners are using countertop supports and brackets for these. In this article, we will be discussing tips to consider when using countertop support at home. Normally, kitchen counters are created with an overhang because it is functional and it adds an aesthetic boost to the kitchen’s overall appearance, but countertop supports can provide additional support for proper stability.

When installing a countertop, here are some things that need to be considered for a safe and secure installation:

What To Consider When Using Countertop Support At Home

Different countertops have different requirements:

  1. Solid countertops can have an overhang of 6 inches without any additional support
  2. Quartz countertops with 3 cm thickness can handle 14 inches overhang without any additional support
  3. Granite countertops with 3cm thickness can handle 10 inches overhang without any additional support
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What are the different countertop supports that can be used to support countertops?

  1. Brackets
  2. Corbels
  3. Flat steel
A countertop overhang can extend from 1 to 1 1/2 inches from cabinet bases, the extensions will prevent spills, crumbs, and dirt from getting into the drawers and cupboards below, so it is important to plan this out properly. It can make standing beside the countertop comfortable and not awkward; it can also protect your knees when sitting beside it. A normal countertop usually has exposed ends that measure half an inch overhang and those that extend to a wall may have no overhang so it can fit properly. A counter can extend past the lower cabinets that support it, but it will depend on which side it faces and the purpose or use of the counter.

An island countertop can have a standard overhang that measures 12 inches and this can allow for easier sitting and stool storage underneath. If you are planning to extend the counter, you can use under-counter supports like L-brackets, corbels or legs as this will keep your countertop safe, especially if there will be weight applied on it on a daily basis.

When planning to use countertop support brackets, you must consider the weight that will be applied to it and the type of project you are constructing. Support brackets are a must-have. This will keep you safe and prevent any accidents that can happen because of unsupported countertops. If you have children and pets, this can be especially useful for the safety of your family.

When you are using fragile materials, you must use support brackets, under-counter support, and corbels that are spaced equally and applied close together. Countertop brackets come in different sizes, lengths, thickness, and shapes so you must consider the different purposes and the standard overhang allowed for each countertop material to use.

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