When it comes to home renovations, it is a must for homeowners, builders, and interior designers to use high-quality materials for safety purposes. In this article, we will discuss how to use a spanning bracket in your home. If you are planning to use and choose wall brackets for your home or offices, In-Wall Brackets is the perfect choice for you!
What You Need to Know About a Spanning Bracket for Your Home

What is a Spanning Bracket?

A spanning bracket is usually used in homes or offices as support for countertops that have support on both ends but nothing in the middle. This type of bracket is useful when you want to create a floating desk between two separate cabinets. It helps you utilize space and you can use this extra space for a variety of uses.

A spanning bracket can also be used when there are overhangs on a support cabinet’s opposite sides. Spanning brackets can be used in any room inside the home.

When using brackets it is important to follow the correct installation guide.

How to install a spanning bracket properly:

1. Measure and mark the appropriate locations on the sidewall of the cabinet where the spanning bracket will be installed. It is best to install the brackets with 3 inches in both the front and back part of the cabinet. It is the ideal or best spacing measurement for this type of bracket and it is a must to not exceed 6 inches when installing brackets.
2. Cut a 2 ½” wide x ½” allocated space for the bracket to be inserted in.
Use the following tools when performing the next step:
– Coping Saw
– Router
– Oscillating multi-tool
If you are not used to doing the following steps, make sure to ask a professional to help you out. It is better to avoid DIY projects if you are not sure how to do it properly.

It is also important to note that you do not cut any of the structural supports that are placed in the cabinet corners.

3. Install the spanning bracket in the allocated space on each of the cabinets. Make sure it fits perfectly before moving to the next step.
4. Use a high-quality silicone adhesive and apply an ample amount on the center of each bracket and place the top in place carefully.

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Are you in need of spanning brackets?

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