Installation Guide | Center Levered Granite Bracket

install center levered bracket
1. Choose a spot over a vertical stud on the knee wall cap for mounting the installation. Measure and mark it appropriately. Start mounting the first bracket at least 6 inches from the edge of the wall. For multiple installations, measure enough space between each of the brackets as needed.

2. Gouge out the mounting channels. For this, you’ll need:

A. Top Bearing Flush Trim router with a cutting length half an inch deep for trimming the excess wood out.
B. Hand Saw for cutting a channel out of the wood.
C. Wood Chisel for removing excess wood within the channel.

NOTE: Clean out all excess materials from the channel to level the mounting spot for the brackets.

3. Mount the brackets. Make sure that they are evenly placed on the knee wall. Use of a leveling tool or shims for this purpose.

4. Screw the brackets onto the studs, securing it firmly with ALL the screws included in the packaging.

TIP: To avoid splits on the wood, drill pilot holes onto the mounting channel in advance.

5. Secure the installation by running a bead of high-quality adhesive, preferably silicone.