Installation Guide | Front & Front Mounting Plus Brackets

install front mounting plus bracket
1. Choose the right location on the wall for installation. Measure and mark it appropriately.

2. Remove drywall along the mounting spot.

NOTE: Be sure to apply safety measures when removing the drywall so as not to affect any underlying installations such as electrical wires, plumbing, etc.

3. Mount the brackets securely using ALL the screws that come with it. Use a shim to level the stud wall into a square. You can also use this to ensure that the granite’s placement is level with the top of the bracket. Drill pilot holes prior to installing the screws to keep the wood from splitting.

4. Cover the bracket up with a patch kit.

5. Secure the installation by running a bead of high-quality adhesive. It’s best to use silicone adhesive for this purpose.