Installation Guide | Island Bracket & Island Support System

install island bracket island support system
1. Choose the right location on the knee wall for installation. Measure and mark it appropriately. For Island Brackets, the right spot should be on front gusset or the face frame along the inside walls of the cabinet. It’s best to start at least 6 inches in from the outer edge.

NOTE: Assembling the Island System prior to notching holes on the wood should give you a more accurate measuring guide for the installation.

2. Cut a mounting channel at the back of the cabinet that measures 2 ½” wide by ½” deep. You may have to reinforce the back gusset when installing the system on a frameless cabinet.

The following tools are needed for this installation:

A. Coping Saw
B. Oscillating Multi-Tool or router
3. If the installation consists of an island system, repeat steps 1 and 2 on the sidewall for installing the extensions.

CAUTION: Be sure not to cut through any of the cabinet’s factory-installed structural supports.

4. Mount the Island Bracket onto the channel. Secure the mounting flange by screwing it onto the face frame or to the edge of the front gusset. Keep the bracket level with the cabinet’s upper edge. Drill pilot holes prior to installing the screws to keep the wood from splitting.
Assembling the Island Support System:
1. Match A-to-A and B-to-B brackets and use it to connect the extensions.

2. Secure all the pieces by using ALL the provided screws.