Installation Guide | Standard, Standard Plus, & Forward L Brackets

install standard standard plus forward L brackets
1. Choose the right location on the knee wall for installation. Measure and mark it appropriately. Start mounting the first bracket at least 6 inches from the edge of the wall. For multiple installations, leave at least 18-24 inches of space in-between each bracket.

2. Carve out the bracket’s mounting channel. You’ll need the following tools:

A. Top Bearing Flush Trim, preferably a router with a cutting length at least ½” deep. Use this tool to trim the wood surface of any excess.

B. Hand Saw, any size you’re comfortable with. Use this to gouge out a line that’s at least ½” deep.

C. Wood Chisel, preferably 1”. Use this to clean off the line you just sawed onto the wood.

NOTE: Clean out all excess materials from the channel to level the mounting spot for the brackets.

3. Mount the bracket into the channel. To ensure a stable and secure installation, use ALL the screws that came with the bracket.

TIP: To avoid splits on the wood, drill pilot holes onto the mounting channel in advance.

4. Ensure that the bracket is flush on the mounting channel with the aid of a level or a shim if necessary.

5. Secure the installation by running a bead of high-quality adhesive. It’s best to use silicone adhesive for this purpose.

6. Once all these steps are complete, mount the countertop securely.

For Standard Plus and Forward L Brackets, do these additional steps::
Install the flange to the backside of the knee wall using the screws that come with it. You can install the Forward L Bracket flange to the wall’s vertical stud if needed.