Center Levered Bracket


The Center Levered support is designed for use when you have countertops that extend on both sides of a knee or pony wall. It is also an ideal solution for usein commercial locations such as bars or with offset overhangs.

Steel flanges provide additional stability to the bracket and can be re-positioned to fit your project.

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Countertop support bracket – Center Levered

For applications that are requiring support on both sides of the knee wall like a bar or an off-set overhang, the Center Levered Bracket is the best option.

The bracket is made of a 2 ½ inches by ½ inch solid steel which is tapered on both ends for safety precaution purposes. A 2 ½ inches by 4 inches by ½ inch steel make up the flanges. This product has five countersunk holes for mounting purposes. The holes are located in the center of the top plate and the front and rear brackets that attach to the knee wall. It also provides added support to studs to create a secure connection to the knee wall while also serving as the stiffener for the entire installation process.

It’s important to precisely determine the width of the wall where the brackets will be mounted on before you order this product. It’s also important to correctly identify the type of lumber used. When a lumber is roughly sawn and initially cut, the rough size of 4 inches by 8 inches is its actual size. But when lumber is milled for commercial and residential uses, instead of its initial size of 4 inches by 8 inches, the actual size might be 3 inches by 7 inches.

These brackets can support heavy weights since they’re made of ½ inch thick steel.

It’s important to take note that the Center Levered bracket’s default saddle has provision for a 2×4 knee wall and an equal overhang located on both sides of the wall. But the saddle can be easily adjusted to fit a 2×6, 2×8, 2×10 or even a 2×12 wall and it can also be adjusted for uneven overhangs.

Please let us know beforehand if these adjustments need to be done. You can write the necessary information in the comment section of the checkout page. You can also call us to get in touch with one of our customer service agents.

This product comes in sizes from 14 inches to a maximum of 44 inches. A high quality knee wall is necessary to fully utilize this product. A mounting hardware will be included when you purchase this product.

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Weight 80 oz

14", 15", 16", 17", 18", 19", 20", 21", 22", 23", 24", 25", 26", 27", 28", 29", 30", 31", 32", 33", 34", 35", 36", 37", 38", 39", 40", 41", 42", 43", 44"


White, Black


  • Horizontal support is 2 ½” wide x ½” thick steel
  • Length is 14” – 44”, determined by customer
  • The vertical flanges are 2 ½” wide x 4” long x ¼”thick steel with 2 mounting holes, ¼”, countersunk


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